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November 11, 2013

Entry II


I have been feeling exceptionally grateful to mother nature and even father time as of late.  Living in New York I might miss the warm weather days that flowed year round when I lived in Cali. Sometimes my California dreams get the best of me but...  We are in the midst of the most phenomenal seasonal change from summer to Fall. Experiencing an upper east coast fall is quite simply, breathtaking. Mother nature prepares herself for seasonal slumber during this time by storing energy accumulated from the renewing spring and the long celebration of sunny warm days that define summer.


I often try to capture this essence of raw power that mother nature exudes in the works of art I create, I even create a new season in my workouts shifting it too is a healthy change in the cycle of time.


Remember: We are just surfers catching a wave in Life's eternal sea. Storms will come & go but the waves are guranteed... Take charge, always stay on the positive, push your creative boundaries and above all enjoy the ride.


"There is no sentiment in nature, but there's plenty of necessity."


Tom Blake, 1926-94: 

Surfer, Author, Inventor of the hollow surfboard, open water champion & leader in healthy organic dietary living.




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