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Current & Upcoming Events:

Metabolic Code: Jim Lavalle Seminar, NYC Oct 2016

Force & the Nervous System(FSN1): Sep 2016, NYC 

MATm Lower Extremity: Fall 2015

MATrx & MATs Education & Masters Workshops:

MATrx Wrist & Hand Seminar II July 214

MATrx Wrist & Hand Mechanics Seminar I April 2014

MATrx Foot Seminar II Dec. 2013

MATrx Foot Seminar June 2013

MAT Client Intake Fall/Winter 2013

Advanced Foot Mechanics Seminar Feb 2013

Advanced Upper Extremity Mechanics 2011

Advanced Trunk & Spine Mechanics 2011
Advanced Lower Extremity Seminar 2010

Advanced Foot Mechanics 2009


Resistance Training Systems Mastery (RTSm)


RTSm Trunk & Spine Mechanics workshop 2010

RTSm Cadaver Anatomy 2009

RTSm Science & Exercise 2008

RTSM Upper Extremity 2010


Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist (MATs)

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)


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